Shopping cart cars

Cart cars are an integral part of doing the shopping in shopping centres - they give the children a little bit of fun and are convenient for their parents. Our shopping cart cars have been equipped with an educational wheel, which allows the children to learn basic traffic rules. During the shopping children are occupied enough to let their parents show at ease. Doing the shopping this way will certainly encourage your customers to come back.


NEW – SELF-SERVICED SHOPPING CART CARS are our company’s newest product

How does it work?

An especially designed mechanical device with a counter releases the shopping cart car. Renting the cart costs 5 PLN and another 5 PLN is charged as a deposit given back after returning the cart.

Why should you have it?

  • The system allows to avoid staff costs for service of the cars
  • There is no need to use a fiscal cash register
  • You have clear control over the income

What are the advantages for the customers?

  • There is no need to show their ID or some other documents
  • A customer does not have to pay for extra renting time
  • The time of renting the cart is fully up to a customer
  • It makes the shopping comfortable

Hereby we present few comment from our customers:

“It’s a great idea. I can simply do the shopping and my child is not bored and has something interesting to do. The cart-cars have no time limit, so I can chat with my friend without a hurry. I recommend it. By the way, the cart cars are very pleasing to the eye and cheap.” Katarzyna Kędzior, Toruń dodano: 04-01-2012

“The shopping cart cars – this is a revelation if one wants to do the shopping with ease, without hurrying and grumbling. My two-year-old son was fascinated and proud of the beautiful colourful vehicle and the sounds it emitted. They charge very fair – 5 PLN – without time limitations. I can definitely say it’s worth it!” Grzegorz Bystryk, Bielsko-Biala dodano: 03-01-2012

You can find more comments here (in Polish).




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